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In Pakistan there was no book available related to rabbit farming which can guide rabbit farmers. To meet this need, we proudly introduce a first ever rabbit farming book in our national language Urdu named "Khargosh Bani".

In Kharhgosh Bani we guide our new farmers about following topics in details:

  • Introduction of rabbit
  • 100 percent Halal meat
  • Importance of rabbit farming in Pakistan and across the world
  • Pros and cons of rabbit production
  • Types of Rabbits
  • Benefits of Rabbit meat, wool and fur
  • Habitat of Rabbit Housing (with reference deep litter, colony and Cages)
  • Rabbit diseases, its symptoms, causes, treatment and farm management etc
Rabbit Breeds

Our Rabbit Breeds

New Zealand white:

These rabbits are well known for their excellent meat and fur. They have large, broad and muscular bodies.

Silver Fox:

The silver fox rabbit is breed for it's meat and fur. It is named for it's dense fur which has white ticking and closely resembles the pelt of the silver fox.


The Californian rabbit is a cross breed of the standard chinchilla and the Newzealand white. The purpose of this breed is for a good meat breed that also has a quality pelt.


Chinchillas are native to the Andes mountains in south America.


This breed is common in many countries for meat purpose. Very good for meat and fur production. Pure white rabbit with good length compare to Newzeland white rabbit.


This breed is common in many countries for meat purpose. Very good for meat and fur production. Pure white rabbit with long ear, very similar to Newzeland white rabbit.

Many more:

We have many more rabbit breeds on the farms; please contact us to discuss your needs.


Our Meat

Khargosht introduced as a first brand of pure rabbit meat in Pakistan. Our aim is provide rabbit meat to local market around all over Pakistan. Because many researches proved that more use of chicken is very harmful for human health. We will introduce organic meat in local market.

Plenty of Meat:

The ratio of meat to bone is high meaning there is more edible meat on the carcass than even chicken.

Low in Calories:

Rabbit has only 795 calories per pound. As compared to Chicken 810, Beef 1,134, Turkey 1190, Lamb 1420 and Pork 2050.

Low Cholesterol:

The Cholesterol value in rabbit is much lower than chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

A Filling Meat:

Rabbit is more filling, and easier to digest than other meats, meaning less is needed per meal.

A Versatile Meat:

Rabbit meat works well with many flavours and dishes and is never overpowering. It can also be used in place of chicken for most recipes.

Special Diets:

Rabbit has been used and is suitable for special diets, such as those for heart disease patients, the aged, low sodium diets, weight reduction diets etc.

Rabbit Farming is a project and related to livestock sector, particularly to cater to health conscious meat consumers.