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Khargosht is introduced as a first brand of pure rabbit meat in Pakistan. The khargosht Pvt Ltd is the most reputed rabbit farming company of the Pakistan .The Company is famous for providing hygienic rabbit meat supply in local market, rabbit breeding and supply of necessary equipments relevant to farming to all new farmers across the country.

Khargosht was established in 2016 by M Irfan Ajiz, in order to increase production of rabbit for meat purpose in Pakistan. Khargosht is a family business based at various locations throughout the Pakistan.

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Vaccinations play an important role to prevent any mortality in commercial level rabbit farming. We ensure all type of vaccinations to develop a good health of our rabbits..

Farm Development

We ensure a periodic farm assessment and development to keep, up to date our farm and customer needs.


We offer complete and up to date trainings to all new farmers around the country.

Cage Management

Cage management plays a key role for commercial level rabbit farming; a good cage management enables a good FCR in rabbit growth and also ensures minimum operational cost of the farm which results with a good profit for the farmers.


Our Books

In Pakistan there was no book available related to rabbit farming which can guide rabbit farmers. To meet this need, we proudly introduce a first ever rabbit farming book in our national language Urdu named "Khargosh Bani".

In Kharhgosh Bani we guide our new farmers about following topics in details:

  • Introduction of rabbit
  • 100 percent Halal meat
  • Importance of rabbit farming in Pakistan and across the world
  • Pros and cons of rabbit production
  • Types of Rabbits
  • Benefits of Rabbit meat, wool and fur
  • Habitat of Rabbit Housing (with reference deep litter, colony and Cages)
  • Rabbit diseases, its symptoms, causes, treatment and farm management etc

Our Pride

Syed Adil Khan


Qari Ateeq Ahsan

Robbitry Analyst

M Ali Subhani

Robbitry Advisor

M Riaz Mehar

Chief Operating Officer

M Irfan Ajiz

Founder and CEO of Khargosht Pvt Ltd
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